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Home is where the heart is. Any eligible individual can be delivered a home delivered meal, right to their front door! We can include weekend and holiday meals, based on individual need.

Food Allergies

We are very vigilant and careful when it comes to our client's dietary considerations. We are able to accommodate most, doctor prescribed, food allergies or dietary restrictions. Have a chat with our Administrative Intake Team to learn more.

What is the price?

Free for eligible individuals. Our home delivered meals are funded by a state grant or the Medicaid Waiver (Choice) Program. Donations are always appreciated.

Who is eligible?

  • Individuals age 60+

  • Spouses of eligible individuals

  • Disabled adults who live with an eligible individual

  • Any individual who is eligible for services under the State of Alaska's Home and Community-Based Waiver (HCBS) Program

  • Individuals, age 60+, who are homebound due to an illness or condition

  • Individuals, age 60+, who are physically, mentally, or socially impaired - so that attending a congregate meal would negatively impact or risk their health or well-being, or that of others

Home Delivered Meals

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