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Adult Day Services

A Safe & Fun Place to Spend the Day

Your loved one has two primary needs, a safe environment and a community of family and friends to share it with. We offer both at our adult day center, providing a safe and fun place to spend the day for adults with memory disorders, developmental disabilities, and brain injuries.

Health & Nutrition 

Each day includes morning and afternoon snacks and a nutritious hot lunch. Our dedicated, caring staff do gentle exercises with the group and monitor everyone’s blood pressure and weight. We will create a personalized care plan with you so your loved one has everything they need to thrive.
You can learn more about what we do for health promotion and disease prevention at the link.

Social Activities

Your loved one will enjoy participating in guided group activities such as bingo and music trivia and watching volunteer entertainment groups come to perform. We provide one-on-one attention to everybody, so nobody feels left out. Everyone who comes through our doors is treated like family.


It can be challenging to coordinate travel with a busy schedule. That’s why we offer transportation to and from our adult day center.

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